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Prairie Farms Dairy

Wissehr’s Got Milk

The Prairie Farms Dairy plant in Granite City, Illinois, processes and packages milk for grocery stores and restaurants. When the plant’s managers wanted to add a new sterilization process, they realized they not only needed extra room, but they also needed additional electrical capacity. They consulted with their trusted vendors that had expertise in conveyor packaging, pasteurizing, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Together, they devised a workable plan. Wissehr modified and added to the existing power distribution system and helped complete plant expansion.

Wissehr’s Got Creativity

The major challenge to the project’s success was lack of ground room outside the building for the new substation. Because of limited space, the substation had to be pole-mounted above the city sidewalk, and it was too small to hold all the electrical equipment Prairie Farms needed. That’s when Wissehr’s creative thinking and engineering expertise became part of the solution.

Wissehr designed and constructed a structural-steel mezzanine/electrical room. Then they hoisted all the new service equipment and motor-control centers onto it and completed installation. Underneath, the process equipment, forklifts and other machinery operate unhindered.

No matter what the problem is, Wissehr manages to find a solution. Wissehr professionals always apply their extreme expertise.

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