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Kraft Foods

Krafting a Solution

Business is booming for the Granite City, Illinois, Kraft Foods plant, which produces drinks such as Capri Sun, Tang and Kool- Aid Bursts. However, in 1999, its production lines were running day and night seven days a week and still couldn’t keep up with the demand. So when new warehouse space was on the drawing board, Kraft managers decided to expand the plant as well, and that expansion meant more of everything: square footage, light, heat, air conditioning and machinery.

From Hard Hats to Hairnets

Wissehr listened to Kraft’s wants, needs and parameters and devised a specific plan to improve the expanded plant’s power distribution. Because the work was performed in a food preparation environment, electricians complied with FDA regulations regarding haircuts, beards, food, gum and, above all, construction cleanliness.

Throughout the project, Wissehr kept the lines going and avoided outages while disconnecting the old systems and connecting the new. Wissehr c onducted all excavation and backfilling for the project and installed the following: more than 4000 feet of concrete-encased duct bank for new feeders, 50,000 feet of power feeders to new equipment and new filler machines for Capri Sun pouches. Wissehr also modified and made additions to control panels and the PLC system.

Kraft now has improved manufacturing capacity to keep up with demand. So, raise your pouch of Capri Sun and drink a toast to Wissehr.

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